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1st King Tax and Insurance strictly prohibits fraudulent activities of any kind on our website. If you submit false documentation of any kind you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We do not tolerate fraudulent behavior at any time. The activity of the website and company communication is being monitored at all times and you will be subject to penalty if you attempt to abuse this site, company, its resources and/or services.


We do not promise higher Tax refunds.

As required by the IRS, local and state governments, we require all documentation and proof of your tax claims.

We keep our standards very high and we have a fiduciary duty when it comes to our customers and their satisfaction. We do not tolerate inaccurate, incomplete, misrepresentation, and/or purposely falsifying documentation. We will be completely compliant with all laws and regulations that govern our practice.

This site and company is fully secured and governed at all times. Please be advised!

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