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Welcome New Clients!

Welcome Back Returning Clients!


1st King Tax and Insurance is excited to introduce the CLIENT HUB!

We created this special place on our website for you all.  In the CLIENT HUB you will find the 4 STEPS to click to get started on your tax journey for 2023. This process will make things easier for you, you won't have to call or email (unless you really want to), and you will have instant access to the most common forms you need. The CLIENT HUB also allows us to efficiently complete your Tax Returns...we knew you'd like that! We monitor the CLIENT HUB daily because we know you are depending on us!​


The 4 STEPS are pretty simple (while in the CLIENT HUB, scroll down to Taxes section):

1. Sign your Tax Preparation Agreement form

2. Download our Taxes To Go app (***VERY VERY IMPORTANT***)

3. Completely fill out your Tax Questionnaire

4. Sign the COB Final Document


Did I mention how important it is to download the Taxes To Go app? This app is where you will upload all of your important documents and we get that information immediately. Once you have downloaded the app, text or email us the Tax Code that you will see in the app (1-855-956-5464 or If you already have the app, don't worry about downloading it again. Just sign into the app and click the blue button that reads "Continue" (This will start your taxes for your 2022 Tax Return).


Something else that is new this year is a form called Child Care Sitter Form (Step 5). This convenient form is for all parents who paid a babysitter or loved one to keep their child/children for them while they worked all year (The form is NOT for those who took their child/children to a Daycare facility which gives out statements each year). Please download this form and have your Sitter fill it out entirely and then you can upload it onto the Taxes To Go app.


For all small Business owners (side gigs or legitimate hustles), complete Business Expense Form (STEP 6) so that we can make sure we properly add your business to your tax return. (We offer accounting services. So if you upload bank/credit card statements to Taxes To Go, we encourage you to have all of your income and expenses calculated because a fee will be charged if our Agents have to calculate this for you.)


For Corporate Businesses (For businesses who want their business taxes done separately from their Personal taxes), please complete Corporate Business Questionnaire (STEP 7). (The IRS requires every business to have balanced and accurate financial books. We offer accounting services, send us an email to if you are interested. Remember if you send our Agents bank/credit card statements, we encourage you to have all of your income and expenses calculated because a significant fee will be charged if our Agents have to calculate this for you.)

Now Here's the Whopper! 

Would you like to know what documents we need from you and if they are acceptable or not? Click the picture below to get a comprehensive list of required and allowable documents you can bring our Tax Agents in order to complete your tax return this year. (Our software has been upgraded, using the latest and greatest technology to help combat fraudulent and false documents to protect ALL clients. The IRS will hold you responsible if you violate tax regulations and/or requirements.)

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