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Founder and CEO

Construction leaders know how important having a strong foundation is.

The same is true in business.

That’s why our team at 1st King Tax & Insurance offers accounting, tax, financial, and advisory solutions. We are the backbone of top construction companies.

With multiple job sites, clients, and crews to manage, construction leaders need a fast-paced accounting team that can keep up with their growth.

As a result, they can make better decisions while increasing their profits.

Our team offers full-spectrum support for our large-scale construction clients. From keeping your books to lowering your taxes, we understand the construction industry on a deep level.

All the while, we keep construction leaders and their teams focused on doing what they do best.

Our core abilities include:

Financial forecasting to make sure that every project is profitable
Detailed bookkeeping for accurate records
Full financial assessments to support clear decision making
Tax planning and preparation for lower taxes
Business analysis for improved financial health and better cash flow
And more

Our team is filled with trusted CPAs who have over a decade of expertise. In turn, we understand both new and long-term industry challenges.

Whether you’re struggling with invoicing, budgeting, taxes, employee benefits, and beyond, we are here to guide you in the right direction.

All the while, we take a personal look at your construction company, fixing small problems that add up to millions of dollars in extra profits over the long haul.

We invite construction leaders to take the first step toward a more profitable financial future by booking a call with us using this link >

We can take a second look at your current business and find out how 1st King Tax & Insurance can help. Likewise, if you have any questions throughout the process, we are here to support you.

Don’t let financial problems keep you from staying ahead of the competition. Partner with our team and together, we’ll improve your financial backend and build a winning tax strategy.

Book a call with us today to stop missing out on profits!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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